Making it in the E-commerce space is not easy today because of the explosion of e-commerce websites. The innovation of web builders has made it easier for virtually everyone to create an e-commerce platform and start selling online. These web builders offer an easy and cost-effective way to build websites. You just need to choose from the many e-commerce website templates and build an e-commerce store.

But that’s just the first step to start selling products online. Besides offering high-quality products, you have to cajole customers to buy from you. That’s how discounts and offers come in.  Special offers and discounts cajole customers to buy from you. It also helps you stay ahead of competitors. Below are the different kinds of the discounts and offers to implement on your e-commerce platforms to drive up sales:


Percentage-based discounts are the most popular sales promotion strategy on e-commerce platforms

If you’re an e-commerce enthusiast, you know that percentage-based discount is the most common type of sales promotion used in most e-commerce stores. It usually includes a certain percentage (5% or 10%) off certain items. Some even go as high as 30% to 50% to get rid of slow-moving items. You can get great percentage based discounts on your favorite items during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Buy more, save more is also a common kind of discount with most e-commerce platforms

It’s just as it is. The more the customer buys products, the more they get to save more money. It’s a win-win situation. The e-commerce store owner gets to sell more, and you get to save money when you buy more. A lot of customers will come to your e-commerce website but might be turned off by prices of goods and services. Offering them great discounts on more purchases will make them decide to buy your products in bulk. You don’t have to provide insane discounts to them, just offer discounts that are enough to motivate them into action.

Loyalty points can entice more customers to buy from your e-commerce platform

Loyalty points are increasingly becoming a popular sales promotion strategy for most e-commerce website owners. This approach involves implementing a system that automatically gives loyalty points to customers whenever they buy any product. Customers can then accumulate the loyalty points and redeem them for products and services.


Gifts can motivate customers to purchase from your e-commerce websites

Most e-commerce owners today accompany their products with gifts in a bid to cultivate customer loyalty. In other words, if the customer buys something from your e-commerce store, you give them a gift with it. If implemented the right way, gifts can substantially increase your e-commerce store’s conversion rate. It can also help you sell products that are slow moving or those that aren’t moving.

Offering free shipping is a smart way to ramp up e-commerce website’s sales

According to research, shipping cost is the biggest contributor to shopping cart abandonment. Offering your clients free shipping is the best way to prevent shopping cart abandonment and ramp up conversions. Combine free shipping offers with minimum purchase requirement to enhance your average order level. To avoid eating into your profits, consider offering free shipping to selected countries and groups of customers.

Use coupons to increase your e-commerce website’s conversion rate

Coupons promotion is a way of driving more customers to your online store. It’s a good idea to send out coupons to your loyal customers or those that have spent above a certain limit. You could also send out coupons to customers who didn’t have a good experience on your e-commerce platforms. With coupons, you can keep your loyal and big spending customers happy, and win back disgruntled customers.